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“We’re Back and Talking About Imposter Syndrome, Where I’ve Been, and the Future of the Show! (#022)”

Where We’re Going…

The one in which I explain why I ghosted everyone since the start of December. Mainly because of this little phenom called imposter syndrome that I struggled to shake. I also get into the new structure of the show, new schedule, new hopes, new dreams, new email address!


Definition of the Imposter Syndrome:

“Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. These people often suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.”



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  • Episode #24 | In which we unpack what it means to chase your dreams through the educational structures with guest, pre-med student Paula Valero.
  • #mondaymotivation ~ What helps you stat motivated? ...
Monday’s are usually the day where I’m finishing-up edits, writing show notes, and scheduling the Tuesday episodes. I don’t know if anyone else has edited a podcast or long-form audio, but it can make you feel like that photo of Tom Brady, sitting down and pouting at the Super Bowl. The thing with motivation though is that it’s all in the hindsight. Knowing how much I enjoy putting the episodes out to the World Wide Web is the driving factor every Monday when I’m pushing against the deadlines.
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  • Minisode out now. Talking about my favorite #app and #tools to accomplish your goals in 2018!
  • It’s been a spell, but we’re back on schedule! New episode of Adulthood Is... now available. New episodes TWICE a week. Let’s do this 🤙😏
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