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The rundown, the skinny, the big idea, the squeeze, the elevator pitch bio:

My name is Jayson (Clury) Lynn

I am a makeshift polymath, sharing lessons and learning along with everyone else through the hit podcast, Adulthood Is… I have worked in the music industry, politics, marketing, public relations, agriculture, non-profits, journalism, and more. I have been in-front and behind cameras, but mostly I just like to find problems and write about solutions. I have always prided myself and my work on offering a set of fresh eyes to problems and issues. Adulthood Is… the blog is the culmination of a desire to share what I have learned about adulting, while continuing to reach out and learn. Sharing my findings along the way, because we are all just trying to figure out what adulthood is.



  • B.A. in Political Sciences at the University of South Florida.
  • M.S. in Communications & Public Relations at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School.
  • I’ve played drums in a lot of bands, you can find them pretty easily.
  • I add to the writer stereotype by being obsessed with coffee and typewriters.
  • I grew-up in Disney World.
  • Although it was considered a flop, I genuinely love the movies Speed Racer and Warcraft.
  • Orlando City SC and Arsenal FC.

Where my work has been:

  • Fish Food Magazine
  • Pine + Basil
  • ESPN’s Sports Center
  • ThePirateBay.se Home Page
  • Writer’s Digest Annual Writer’s Competition (5th place) 2014
  • Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards (2nd place) 2015

Odd Awards & Events I’ve Been Involved In:


Charities & Programs I Support: