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“10 Best Ted Talks For Better Adulting”

You and me. Let’s get real for a second with each other. You are either browsing this article before, after, or between the next episode of your Netflix binge on your day off. Maybe you have had a hard week– worked too many hours, boss refuses to give you enough hours, or maybe you are just regretting adopting that dog now that the hearts have diminishing returns on Instagram. Whatever brings you here, I only ask one thing. Pick one or two of these Ted Talks below and listen to them. Even better, if you are a fan of challenges… Ten Day Ted Talk challenge. Watch one of these Ted Talk’s per day for ten days, and then come back to this post and tell me in the comments if you do not feel more inspired to do better with your free time.

10. The Art of Stillness | Pico Iyer

9. Why Do We Sleep? | Russell Foster

8. Wisdom From Great Writers On Every Year of Life | Joshua Prager

7. The Psychology of Your Future Self | Dan Gilbert

6. How Great Leaders Inspire Action | Simon Sinek

5. There Are No Mistakes on the Bandstand | Stefon Harris

4. Why 30 Is Not the New 20 | Meg Jay

3. Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals | Time Ferriss

2. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are | Amy Cuddy

1. How to Make Stress Your Friend | Kelly McGonigal


Share these individually or share the whole post. I do not care, as long as you find value in these like I have. Ted Talks, on the surface may feel benign or boring compared to a good rerun of The Office, but the right Ted Talk can provide so much inspiration and confidence within yourself that it is worthwhile to give these speakers, at the very least, 5-10 minutes per week to hear their philosophies.